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Interferon alpha-2b is able to reduce the activity of isoenzymes of cytochrome P-450 and, therefore, affect the metabolism of cimetidine, phenytoin, chimes, theophylline, diazepam. propranolol, warfarin, certain cytostatics. It could enhance neurotoxic, myelotoxic, or cardiotoxic effects of drugs prescribed before or simultaneously with it. Avoid concomitant administration with drugs depressing the central nervous system, immunosuppressive drugs (including oral and parenteral forms proviron bayer of corticosteroids).
Interferons may affect the oxidative metabolic processes. This should be considered during concomitant use with drugs metabolirizuyuschimisya by oxidation (including derivatives of xanthine – theophylline and aminophylline). With simultaneous use of IFN-EU with theophylline is necessary to control the serum concentration of theophylline, and if necessary, adjust the dosage regimen.
With the combined use  and hydroxyurea may increase the incidence of cutaneous vasculitis.
Drinking alcohol during treatment is not recommended.

special instructions

For early detection of abnormalities in laboratory parameters that may arise in the course of therapy, general clinical blood tests should be repeated every 2 weeks, and biochemical – every 4 weeks.
By reducing the number of platelets to less than 50-109 / L, absolute neutrophil count less than 0,75-10 / l temporary dose reduction is recommended 2 times and repeat the analysis in 1-2 weeks. If the changes are saved, it is recommended to stop the treatment.
By reducing the number of platelets to less than 25-10 / L, absolute neutrophil count less than 0,50-109 / l treatment should stop.
In case of hypersensitivity reactions of immediate type (urticaria, angioedema, bronchoconstriction , anaphylaxis) proviron bayer medication overturned immediately and appropriate medical therapy administered. Transient skin rash does not require discontinuation of therapy.
In case of a violation of liver function for the patient must be installed close observation. With the progression of the symptoms of the introduction of the drug should be discontinued.
In mild and moderate violation of the functional state of renal function should be carefully monitored.
Be wary appoint patients with severe chronic diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes with a tendency to ketoacidosis, patients with bleeding disorders blood expressed mielosupresiey. In patients receiving long-term IFN-EU, in rare cases, there pneumonitis and pneumonia. Timely cancellation of interferon alpha therapy and appointment glyukokortikosteriodnoy contribute to relief of pulmonary syndromes.
Patients with thyroid disease before treatment is necessary to determine the concentration of thyroid-stimulating hormone, it is recommended to control the level of not less than 1 time in 6 months. In the event of violations of thyroid function or worsening of existing diseases, not amenable to adequate medical correction, it is necessary to cancel the drug.
In the event of changes in the mental sphere and / or central nervous system, including the development of depression, it is recommended monitoring psychiatrist during treatment, as well as for 6 months after graduation. These disorders are usually rapidly reversible upon discontinuation of therapy, but in some cases for their full reverse development is necessary to 3 weeks. If the mental disorder symptoms do not regress or worsen, there are suicidal thoughts or aggressive behavior directed at others, it is recommended to discontinue treatment IFN-EU and provide consultation psychiatrist. Suicidal ideation and attempts frequently observed in children patients, primarily adolescence (2.4%) than in adults (1%). If therapy with interferon alfa-2b considered necessary in adult patients with severe mental disorders (including history), it should be initiated only if the individual is a suitable screening and treatment of mental disorders. The use of interferon alfa-2b in children and adolescents with severe mental disorders (including history) is contraindicated.
With prolonged use, usually after a few months of treatment, there may be violations of the organ of vision. Before proviron bayer initiation of therapy is recommended to perform ophthalmologic examination. When complaints of any ophthalmic disorders require immediate consultation ophthalmologist. Patients with diseases that may be changes in the retina, such as diabetes or hypertension, you must pass eye exam at least 1 time in 6 months. At occurrence or worsening eye disorders should consider discontinuing therapy .
In elderly patients receiving the drug in high doses, possible impairment of consciousness, coma, seizures, encephalopathy. In the case of such violations and ineffective dose reduction, treatment should be discontinued.
Patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system and / or progressive cancer requires careful monitoring and  monitoring.
With the development of arterial hypotension is recommended to ensure adequate hydration and appropriate therapy.
In patients after transplantation (e.g., kidney, proviron bayer or bone marrow) immunosuppressive drug may be less effective as interferon stimulates the immune system.
With prolonged use of the drug can induce interferon alpha from individuals appearance of antibodies to interferon. Typically, the antibody titers are low, their appearance does not reduce the effectiveness of treatment.
Be wary appoint patients with a predisposition to autoimmune diseases. If you have symptoms of an autoimmune disease, a thorough examination and to evaluate the possibility of continuing interferon therapy. Rarely interferon alfa therapy is associated with the onset or exacerbation of psoriasis, sarcoidosis.

Effects on ability to drive and use machines

The period of application of the drug to patients experiencing fatigue, drowsiness or disorientation, should refrain from activities potentially hazardous activities that require high concentration and psychomotor speed reactions. dubolin 100 bodybuilding how to lose fat enanthate de testosterona bodybuilding shred