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Be careful when appointing interferon to patients suffering from depression. Patients should be warned that they should immediately report any symptoms of depression and / or the emergence of suicidal ideation doctor. Treatment proviron 25mg of patients suffering from depression, interferon beta-1a should take place under conditions of careful monitoring and providing them with the necessary assistance. In some cases the question may arise about the cessation of treatment with interferon beta. It should also be careful in appointing interferon beta-1a in patients who have previously observed seizures, patients receiving antiepileptic drugs, especially if they are not sufficiently effective. In the event during treatment with Rebif seizures in patients who have not previously suffered from such disorders, it is necessary to establish their etiology and assign anticonvulsant therapy before resuming treatment. In the early stages of treatment with interferon beta-1a must be strict monitoring of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as angina, congestive srdechnaya failure and arrhythmias. This observation should be directed to the timely detection of a possible deterioration in the state. In diseases flu-like symptoms of the heart associated with therapy with interferon beta-1a may be a serious burden for patients. There are isolated reports of necrosis at the site of injection. To minimize the risk of adherence to the rules of aseptic necrosis is necessary when performing the injection and the constant change of the injection site. If there is a violation of skin integrity with the expiry of the liquid at the injection site, you should consult a doctor before continuing administration of the drug. When multiple skin lesions should stop the drug before they heal. When single lesions may continue therapy with Rebif, provided that the damage is moderate. In clinical trials, demonstrated increased activity of liver enzymes, particularly . In the absence of symptoms should be determined in plasma levels before initiating therapy Rebif and repeated at 1, 3 and 6 months. and periodically during continued treatment. It is necessary to reduce the dose if rises above 5 times proviron 25mg the upper limit of normal, and gradually increase the dose after normalization. Caution should be exercised in the appointment of interferon beta-1a to patients with severe hepatic failure in history, with evidence of liver disease, with evidence of alcohol abuse, levels 2.5 times the upper limit of normal. Therapy should be discontinued when a jaundice or other signs of liver dysfunction. Proviron 25mg , as well as other interferon betas may potentially cause serious disorders of the liver up to acute liver failure. The mechanism of these conditions is unknown, specific risk factors have been identified. In addition to laboratory samples, which are always carried out in patients proviron steroid with multiple sclerosis during treatment with interferon beta-1a recommended every 1, 3 and 6 months. determine the total leukocyte and blood count, platelet count and conduct biochemical blood analysis, including liver function tests. Patients treated with proviron 25mg, sometimes develop or worsen thyroid dysfunction. It is recommended to carry out a study of thyroid function before treatment and, if infringements, every 6-12 months. Patients receiving interferon beta, formation of neutralizing antibodies. The clinical significance of them is not established. If the patient is not adequately respond to therapy Rebif and he determined antibodies, the physician should assess the feasibility of continued therapy. Caution should be observed also in the appointment of the drug to patients with severe renal insufficiency, and myelosuppression.

Use during pregnancy and lactation Pregnancy proviron 25mg is not indicated during pregnancy and lactation. Women of childbearing potential should use effective contraceptive measures. Given the potential risk to the fetus, patients planning pregnancy or become pregnant during therapy should be sure to inform your doctor to decide on the continuation (cancellation) therapy. Lactation Data on excretion in breast milk is not available. Given the likelihood of developing serious adverse reactions in infants, should make a choice between abolition drug and cessation of breastfeeding. deca 300